Quality Replacement Laserdisc Parts...

...are hard to find. You know why? Because the manufacturer quit making them. New old stock parts are hard to find, expensive, and often degraded due to age. Here, you will find a selection of brand new parts that have been carefully engineered and thoroughly tested to keep your laserdisc player spinning for years to come.

All of my parts are available on eBay. Links to purchase are on the product pages in the top right corner.



Panasonic Grip Rings Now Available!

Spindle motor bushing beta units available. Contact for info.

VXA1163, DXB1108 Synchro Gear

now available!

Panasonic Loading Belts Available Now!

VNL1726 Shaft Stay Now Available!

Broken gears? Contact for custom reproduction services. 

VNL1638/9 M-Holder Gears

Now available!

Lubrication Kits now available!

VEB1008 Grip Ring Now Available!

Get in touch: TheLaserParts@gmail.com